My pawtners

Mr Piggy

Mr. Piggy is my the bestest friend from day one. So many legendary adventures are done with him!kalenteri_etusivu16

Musti ja Mirri

Having some real good time working as a quality manager at Musti ja Mirri. It’s a priviledge to be part of this gang, as it is noticed as athe Great place to work too! Me definitely agrees! I have my own show ”Topi -Vain Koiranelämää” (The Life of Topi) which tells about my work at Musti ja Mirri and life in general. See the episodes in another article!


Mainosstudio Sanna H

Sanna is my favourite photographer and always finds my best sides! She has also designed my websides together with humom. All the photos marked with ”SannaH” are taken by her (as well as many others too).84BBE828-C085-4729-8C9F-9888877288BE



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