It was March 9th 2015 when I saw the first daylight. Gotta say it was the best thing that could ever happened to me, I mean, my life has not been the same ever since!

It was early April when a lady with yellow hoodie came to meet our litter. I had heard that she was gonna adopt of one us and based on what she had heard about us, she was gonna pick my brother. I’ve always been hungry for adventures and I decided I wasn’t gonna lose the game. While my sisters and bro was sleeping tight, I put my A-game on and seduced that lady so that she couldn’t say ’no’ to me.  And the rest is history! Before leaving me to grow up with my dogmom, she told me I’m her boy, Topi and that she’ll come to pick me up in few weeks.

And so she did. After that we’ve been unseparatable, for better or for worse, you know. And there’s been the ”worse” way too many times, she says. Pain in the a**, that would be the accurate words to describe Topi the Puppy. I totally ruined most of her furnitures, few doors, shoes and basicly anything I got into my paws and toofers. At the age of 1,5 years I suddenly decided to be a good boy and mostly I have kept that promise.

I’m a familypup, I love my humans and I’d follow them everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE – bathroom, sauna, you name it. I’m a shepherd after all.

I live a happy life in Finland, Tampere. We have four seasons here and there’s something in it for me in each of them! On summertime I love boatrides, swimming, picnics and trips to my island. Autumn is pawfect time for hanging in the woods.  On wintertime you can play with snow and afterwards take a relaxing sauna (Yes, I LOVE sauna even tho my coat is very thick). Springtime – well, reminds me of my birth which is a something to remember!

How I became a social media celebrity?

It was never planned. My mom started to document my growth on Instagram when I was like three months old. It has been like my diary, and that’s how it all started.

At some points, the media got excited about me and I’ve even given some interviews to magazines. The first time the reporter came to our house (at the age of two), I suddenly felt like peeing. And that’s what I did, to the floor of our living room 😊

I’ve also done couple of videos and photoshootings for companies. They say I’m a natural talent in front of the camera and my 100K followers have convinced me to believe that it is so.

Nowadays I’m an entrepreneur and CEO of my own company, Tmi Topi The Dog. I do modeling and social media influencing.

But what I mostly do is just eating, playing and sleeping. Just like pups should.